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Book cover of "A Journey in Color" by Jayne Moore Waldrop. Man sitting on bus bench looking at different scenes from his life.

A Journey in Color:

The Art of Ellis Wilson

Now Available from

Shadelandhouse Modern Press,

Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Carmichael's Books, the National Quilt Museum,

your favorite independent bookstore,, and other online booksellers.


Praise for A Journey in Color: The Art of Ellis Wilson 

"Ellis Wilson knew his calling early….Waldrop’s transparent narrative stays right next to Ellis, and McBride’s illustrations follow her lead, keeping the reader close to the emotional truth of the story."
George Ella Lyon, Kentucky Poet Laureate 2015–2016 and author of Time to Fly

“It’s impossible to see Ellis Wilson’s work and not fall in love with how he saw the world. Having his own words come to life in this wonderful and important children's book makes me doubly proud to see another part of Kentucky’s rich Black history captured and to hold another bedside favorite I can’t wait to read to my son.”
Frank X Walker, Kentucky Poet Laureate 2013–2014 and author of A Is for Affrilachia

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