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She Remembered It All:

The Art of Memory Painter

Helen LaFrance

Praise for She Remembered It All

"What a great tribute to Kentucky's own 'Black Grandma Moses!' Helen LaFrance is my favorite painter. I've spent hours looking at her art,  amazed at the renditions of the people and the places she remembered - the detail, the loving way she brought the old-time days to life. She was a genius talent from right here in Kentucky which makes me very proud. Jayne Moore Waldrop is a sort of genius too for bringing Helen LaFrance's life to us in living color with this children's book!"

-Crystal Wilkinson, Kentucky Poet Laureate 2021-2022

and author of Praisesong for the Kitchen Ghosts

"This new collaboration between Michael McBride and Jayne Moore Waldrop is a gentle delight; images and story are beautifully paired, and the reader feels throughout the quietude of Helen LaFrance creating her art. You can almost hear her brush at work and the sound of a clock ticking on the mantle."
-Julyan Davis, artist (The American Ghost Series), author (A History of Saints), semifinalist for the 22nd Thurber Prize

"When Helen LaFrance picked up a paintbrush, her thoughts took flight, soaring like a bird across a world remembered, back to a place that used to be."

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