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Book cover for poetry series Retracing my Steps byJayne Moore Waldrop

Retracing My Steps is available from Finishing Line Press, Lexington Art League, Kentucky Artisan Center, and Amazon

and your favorite independent bookstore.

"Jayne Moore Waldrop’s  Retracing My Steps is presented as a chapbook but the power of the poems inside give it the force of a fully achieved book. Waldrop’s voice is strong, clear, confident, convincing. The nineteen poems, several two pages in length, reflect the mature consciousness of a strong, observant woman who shares what she sees and hears, thinks, experiences and remembers. An occasional colloquial touch in some of the poems grounds the writing in regional earth. Retracing My Steps is a solid achievement."

Gurney Norman, Kentucky Poet Laureate 2009-2010, Author of Divine Right’s Trip and Kinfolks: The Wilgus Stories

"In this debut chapbook, Jayne Moore Waldrop maps her own and her family’s journey with a clear eye and a steady voice….An added gift of these carefully crafted poems is how they call us to consider our own journeys. I look forward to where Waldrop will take us next."

George Ella Lyon, Kentucky Poet Laureate 2015-2016, author of Many-Storied House: Poems and Where I’m From

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